Suggestions based off Demo Gameplay (June 2022)


Jun 19, 2022
Anyone can post their suggestions here. Just a way to funnel ideas!
(I'm Continuously updating my suggestions)

1.) There are many islands with their purpose being solving that island's puzzle. The loot currently is gear which you can gain from voyage. It would be cool if the loot from these puzzles game something specific from completing it. Perhaps a cosmetic where you can only get from solving that puzzle or some other type of loot.

2.) The best weapons currently only come from waiting for weapon shop reset. These shops gives different rarities of weapons unlike the loot from Voyage. It would be cool if dungeons like voyage gave different tiers of the loot/blueprints.

3.) Blueprints showing the level of the gear before crafting it.

4.) Blueprints having a tooltip in auction so you know the stats of the blueprint you are purchasing.

5.) auction house is great, but for items like wood and etc.. it would be nice if people can purchase any amount they want. I'm selling 300 wood in auction for 12g a piece instead of 300 wood on auction for 3 days with a max buyout of 5k. Things would sell a lot faster rather than taking days to acquire from the auction house.

6.) Some anti-griefing measures for guilds. Example: building trees infront of the guild farm entrance so no one can go to guild farm. Mitigate: only letting certain ranks within the guild having the ability to plant from guild leader. Also goes for harvesting. Someone can join my guild and cut down all 160 trees and grief my resources with no repercussion.

7.) Perhaps titles above a name that you can select. earned by achievements and etc.. seen in other mmos.

8.) For shop resets, Having a timer that shows when the shop will reset with a new inventory to buy from.

9.) Guild inventory: since we can never get the items back, and discussed in future items in inventory will be used to progress the guild, only being able to place items that can benefit the guild. not being able to put stuff like corn seeds or chairs (since it cant be taken out and used) and etc which will sit there till the end of time.

10.) Having a tool that will be able to uproot adolescent trees or being able to cut them down early for less resources. Helps prevent you from blocking yourself at your home or guild. Of course for guild, only ppl allowed to do this are those with the rank/permissions set by the guild leader.

11.) being able to purchase bush seeds :)

12.) For ship shop, showing the range of stats that can be rolled so we can farm for a "God Roll" of a ship we want easier. Also just knowing how high the stats can be would be nice.

13.) Keep up the great work! Found this game from an Instagram ad and been enjoying it way too much for just a demo! I appreciate how active with the community all pf the devs are. Cant wait for this to be an amazing full game!

14.) Having a quest book so I know what quests I took up on and being able to read quest dialogue. I may forget an important detail in order to complete a quest.

15.) Perhaps a teleport/waypoint set up to different islands. Takes me 15min to sail to Geet's Odds to look at the weapon shop inventory. Lost Ark had an interesting way of doing it by paying a ship fair company to take you to a different continent and etc.

16.) The whisper chat box is a bit wonky. You will select to whisper someone and a big grey box pops up with only that one person's name to select to whisper to. I'm unsure why that box pops up when only the name you selected pops up. Perhaps get rid of that grey popup box entirely.
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