Shunrai's Feedback and Suggestions on Random Stuff


Jun 17, 2022
Hello, some of you might know me from being annoying in the discord, others not so much and as advised by Colt I am here to post some random feedback on things people will probably call me casual :ROFLMAO:

And before I get attacked about coding and development, these are just ideas and suggestions I am giving here, not demands, I know it is not an easy task.

1. We need FISHING please T_T
- I know it is already worked on but I believe on actual release it is mandatory. What is a sea/ocean game without fishing?

2. More stuff for farming.
- There is literally no reward besides gold. (Why do we farm? Levels does nothing, nothing to upgrade, no achievements, no Leaderboards.)
- Farming progression/levels currently does nothing. (For example it can decrease the required time for certain plants, increase the range or how many thing you can affect with your farming tool with a single use, better vegetable quality depending on your level which means it would sell for a higher price)
- More stuff to farm.
- Farming leaderboards.
- Ability to add more farming land to your property.
- Different tier of tools you use for farming. (Either higher quality tools that decrease time, or certain vegetables will need certain tools in order for them to be max quality or to grow faster, increase the range or how many thing you can affect with your farming tool with a single use, better vegetable quality depending on your level which means it would sell for a higher price)
- Fruit trees
- Pet helpers that automatically loot vegetables from the ground once you pluck them? Would be fun to have pets and at least have some small use for them that's not super game changing (Monkeys, Cats, Dogs)

3. Pets (Related to the text above) I don't know if it's planned to be added sorry.

4. Stop your ship and walk around it? Other players can walk around your ship as well, kinda like house interior. Would be fun if we could actually have a shipfight.
- Crash into an event ship, you get on their ship, you go around and fight mobs until you get to a chest.

5. IMPORTANT Please... Make every MENU you open in the game, be it inventory, be it shop, be it character skills or player info, PLEASE, make all of them be able to be closed by pressing escape, I keep opening my inventory, I press ESC to close it, and it opens menu....

6. Make inventory open faster... I have to wait 3-4 sec for it to open, something leading me to think I didn't press the button so I press it again and it opens and closes, kinda feels like input lag but I hear the sound of inventory the moment I press the button.

7. Ship movement doesn't seem as fluid as I expected, sometimes it takes way too much time to react, I am sure there is some mechanic where the ship has to gain some speed or something but I just feel it in a really weird way.

8. PVE combat feels like something is missing, at least in the Demo, lack of mechanics to play around and make you react differently in different situations and repeated stuff in every fight.
- Monsters that change color/do animations on which you have to change to Defensive stance otherwise it does too much damage, but if you attack them in defensive stance you won't do any damage? Stuff like that...
- It needs to have more player thinking not just hitting attack keys.

9. Guns feel like they are stronger than swords, which kinda loses the point of using swords? At least from the weapons I've seen so far.

10. A lot of pointers for other islands are missing (I think?)

11. Why can we only see our specialty levels only when we open Player Info on our character and not in Inventory for example? You can pretty much add a new tab much like Perks to inventory.

This is it for now, I am looking forward to your response and feedback as well! Thank you very much for taking your time to read this ^_^