Played beta for 80 minutes, some feedback:


Jul 29, 2022
Beware this is incredibly nitpicky.
I don't know what the third (center) stance is for: there's offense and defense, but we aren't told what the other is.
What does the blue bar underneath my health do? It seems like it represents the cooldown of the currently selected ability, but it feels confusing and pretty useless - ability cooldown is already displayed, and I swap between abilities anyway. I believe that the red semicircle underneath my player indicates how long the attack is taking to launch, though this isn't clear.
The tutorial mentions 'queuing' attacks, but it doesn't seem as if they're actually queued? If they were queued then I'd assume they would happen once I can attack again, but this isn't the case.
(fighting enemy ships) The 'tab to auto-target' didn't seem to work? It just didn't seem to do anything.
I'd chock it up to lag - it took about 2 seconds (no exaggerating) for the anvil to load the different craftable items - once I clicked on the bone sword, it took another 2 second, but after I clicked 'craft' I obtained it almost immediately.
The little stool seemed to not like being placed anywhere, but once it's placed in a valid spot you can move it just fine.
I like the basic farming mechanics.

  • The 'options' button (bottom right corner) highlight text goes off the screen. Same for clicking on profiles in chat.
  • Chat is automatically deselected after sending a message (pressing enter) - this is really annoying because it means I have to click again if I want to reply to something.
  • My ping was quite high (Sydney, Australia) - at times up to 750 (happened when I was fighting pirate ships), normally between 250 and 380
  • It would be nice to have something on the minimap indicating I'm at the center.
  • For a bit I couldn't open my inventory - in global chat another person reported the same problem. I don't know how this arose, but quitting and logging back in solved the problem.
  • I didn't realise that food was an issue for ships until too late (not a big deal though)
  • The quest log is nice and simple, but perfect.
  • In the shipyard shop UI, the ship info isn't fully included on the screen. e.g. for the Brigantine, the text is slightly cropped if I scroll down
    (I was at GUI scale 75%) - I've included a photo:

  • The tutorial seemed to freeze once I completed everything and there was no confirmation I had finished the tutorial (I couldn't click between completed missions, but that's not an issue - moreso I couldn't click on 'end').