My feedback (Good/Sugestion)


Aug 1, 2022
Good points : the game is awesome, fun, sweet. I really like the farm potatoes, the fights on sea and land, the guild & that pvp arena I really surprised myself to take the time to discover the voyage and mysteries around treasures chest to open. Why surprised ?
Because there is no more magic on mmorpg. We just want so skip quest dialoges and reach end game.
But this game give me back my mojo from secret of mana/snes, on this game i want to take my time .I wish to have more time to discover the game.

Solid game that surprised me and i haven't get so much fun on a game for years, AAA and all others seems more and more the same and this little game is really a fresh feeling. I feel like I am part of an adventure or journey. The game give good feelings and i take the time to have the time. Good luck for next patch & upgrades. Music is also very good and graphics nice congratulations for your game

Feedback sugestions :
it is difficult to play with that much lag (from EU) lowest is 120, highest i got is 896 so we need a fix for that lag please/ next playtest please give us an item to move our character to EU region server for free.

this is a pirate game, we should have a open pvp sea maps and guild vs guild system with rewards. maybe not the first seas but higher levels sea, full pvp or at least gvg mandatory

i havent seen any "animation or icon" to check that group members is actually fighting someone on ground so i couldnt check if they were fighting or idle.

apart farming potatoes, i didnt understand what to do to purchase a better ship, i liked the experience of farming but i think that people will want to play for sailing & fighting and not farming, so they may leave after fast

the guild map is shared so the more people the less incomes each members received (if that is shared equaly) from potatoes so we need a system like an individual fields for each member otherwise people will create solo guild like it is now. For exemple, i have 3 members, there is 3 fields (6x4), i recrut another member, another 6x4 pop. One less member, one 6x4 diseapear. Each 6x4 is linked to a member, no one can use it except him. With this system, no more solo guild.

nao ship dps skill are very bad for a ship of that price, the mine dps too low for a skill that miss so often and the DoT do 2 damage per seconde i guess, it is very bad. Only pew pew skill 1 for Nao is worth.

I dont understand the stances and the differences between weapons except animations, they seem all the same hit damage/hit speed

There should be classes or skills set link to weapon, like debuffer/healer/tank etc because i dont understand the difference between throwing bottles, pistol or sword.
They do seems have all the same DPS. Maybe it is already in the game but i may not have read the explanation/or there is none.

farm exp, trading exp etc, what does that mean/give ?

Why not giving a little stat bonus for each mystery we solve or discover? it could motivate people to farm it

Excuse my english as it is not my native language
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