some random feedback


Dec 28, 2022
15 hours played feedback
Finished Port Haven area, got to lv 7 - took me like 8h of farming potatoes to buy stuff to go forward to Small Sands (18,5k ship alone).
I felt like the game is too easy, especially voyages were pointless. It was like if it was made for lv. 1 characters. All the other stuff I could reach I finished except for few things I didn't understand and couldn't figure out, but that's a different story. I spent most of the time as lv. 7 character, felt like no progress at all, for many hours.
I think making people farm potatoes for more than half of early game is a bad idea. That's probably why they quit early. They expected pixel art pirate game, not pixel art potato farming simulator. I liked the pixel art part. Not the potato farming simulator part. Also, you should think of adjusting potato/carrot prices for Port Haven.
Training Grounds Mark is required for two of very early game guide quests, total of 15 of them. Too many. It was too boring for me to finish, and c'mon, I did 8h of potato farming for **** sake ^^.
I play with polish as my main game language. It feels like Pokemon Red in english back when I was a child. I don't understand ****, but I'm trying to figure it out anyway. Translation is worse than Google Translate, ye, really. I have no idea what are they saying, feels like some random words, mixed with english, no clue. Also Quest Log Dialogue tab doesn't exist for Port Haven area quests. I see it working now in Small Sands area, but it's no help, like I said before, I can't understand what they ask me for :).