progression is too heavily tied to farming


Jul 25, 2021
I did over a dozen voyages in the test today. No gear outside of 'Leather' dropped for me. I'm fully under the impression 'Falchion' and 'Plate' were removed from the drop table, at least in earlier voyages. When I was doing those same voyages before in the previous test, the 'Falchion' and 'Plate' seemed to drop pretty often.
This change in drop table wouldn't really be an issue if voyages were remotely rewarding at all. The gold you get from them is a joke.

I would like to play the game, not be purely timegated behind afk farming for X hours to upgrade my gear/ship and enjoy content.
Nothing outside of farming is viable for making enough gold to progress your gear/ship.

I think this is an awful design choice. It's unfathomable that any game would make being afk multiple times more profitable than actively playing and grinding content.
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