Feedback and Review Playtest


Jul 31, 2022


The most highlighted feature of the game has to be the water battles, battling on the ship combating pirates and players. During the playtest, there are some areas that on the map, that the ping can spike and reach 1k-2k pings, and this makes it difficult to battle with pirates, with the delay and the roll backs.​


Water Battles: Combat style wise, is very good. I don’t have a particular input on this apart from what has been explained above.
Land combat Issues:​
- Blue bar from what I can assume is a stamina gauge to determine the speed of the cast time but doesn’t seem to make a difference.​
- Red bar bottom of the character is the cast time bar, which randomize.​


- I get that you want to implement co – op features, and strategy. But I would really recommend on using an RTS combat on land as well, as it would elevate the combat on the same level as water battles. RTS combat will still have strategy factors in it, but it will need a good mob AI to increase the difficulty levels.​
- Mobs should be available more to farm crafting materials.​
- If strategized TBS is a feature that HAVE to be in the game, I would suggest it implemented to water battles as well, such as the kraken stage of voyage.​


- When respawning, opponents can camp at respawn site and kill players that just respawned.​
- Go home button on ending menu (victory/lose board) doesn’t work. Suggestions:​
- Need a protective bubble when respawning​
- Need a protecting tower to protect respawn base to prevent players to camp near respawning site.​
- Respawning site needs to be BEHIND the treasure and closer to the item shop. This will prevent the tower to protect the chest.​


Voyage from what I can assume is a dungeon style feature, where players have to clear before getting the reward. A few issues occurred during playtest.


a) Increase speed didn’t seem to change the speed​
b) Ratings tend to bug and starts of high and decreases as receiving damage but seemed to be fixed after.​
c) Increased Ship health seem to increase the bar but leaving the bar empty.​


- Add more voyage modes with higher difficulty and better treasure​
- Add party requirements e.g needs at least 5 ships or something, this should emphasize the co – op genre​
- Add solo mode for that loner like me​
- Add a mini boss for each stage​
- Add a treasure box for each stage​
- Add an enemy outpost for each stage​

Life sim​


Farming seems to be the main way to get gold in the game, since voyage/arena/mobs doesn’t give you any gold. This should be okay, if you game was a farming game from the start. Having a main feature that overpowers the other features could topple the game in my perspective. I think you should nerf the farming, into a sub feature.


- Carrots are deemed abusable since it has a short time requirement to harvest, abusable to farming level, price demand for potatoes, and gold.​
- Multiple accounts can farm a huge amount of gold in a short time without a hitch, each character that we own are able to create its own guild and send crops via mail to other accounts. This could exploit the farming feature as well.​
- Auto farm is difficult to use since it doesn’t have a radial range like a manual one.​
- Farm plots on private farm are bugged​


- Lengthen the harvest time for carrots, and increase the seed price, in exchange increase the yield.​
- Increase the demand ratio from 1:1 to 1:50, to slower the change in price.​
- Implement taxing system when mailing items from one account to another, to prevent exploiting the use of alternative character to yield crops in a shorter time.​
- Change single target on auto farm to a radial area to increase QoL​
- Each time farming level increase should also give a perk such as increased yield and shorter harvest time.​
Having changes above, would mean that players won't be able to upgrade too quickly, hence lengthening the life span of the game by slowing down the pace of the player.


Jul 31, 2022


Since the crafting for the playtest are very limited, I could not give an extensive review. If the suggestion to increase mobs to gain more crafting materials is used, then you should increase the material requirements to make an item. Higher rarity equipment should use high rarity materials as well.


During the playtest, I can find only limited number of ore nodes, I would only assume that there will be a specific map where there is an abundant amount of mining resources. But in playtest map, there is only a very few amount.


I would suggest creating a mini cave map on the port island, or anywhere else where there isn't much activity but the puzzle.


There is no fishing feature during the playtest. Just a suggestion when this gets implemented. A high fishing level, you can purchase a fishing boat to fish in the open sea and get bigger fishes such as Tuna, Marlins, Sharks, etc.


To add more spice, I think should put more barriers on the map when players are exploring new territories such as whirlpools, or wind barriers that can only be deactivated with a certain item through a quest and etc.


Higher sailoring means that you can use a better ship. I’d like to suggest a few perks that you can use when sailoring level increases, such as better steering (turns and what not), more speed, or less food gets eaten and stuff like that.


As trading level increases, the percentage of selling crops and other items should increase, initial barter perks should only effect discount on purchase prices. A higher trading level should allow player to trade with other ports. Example level 0 – can only trade in port haven, level 10 – can now trade with port avenue (it’s a made-up port name) and etc. I’d like to suggest adding a new life sim feature which is cooking, and with cooked food you can supply your ships rations. (edited)


As it has been said before there are a few issues arise during the playtest, which is the ping spike that occurs in certain territories. I took to notice that, when entering each map, it enters a different server and different rooms. i'm not sure how that mechanics works exactly, so i won't really make a comment on it.​


- Add a spawning hidden dungeon somewhere in the sea​
- Add whirlpools​
- Add barriers to reach a new part of the map through a quest​
- Add sea monsters​
- Add large fishing pools that has tuna/marlin/sharks​
- Add spawning storms when exploring​
- Add more ports within an island​
- Add a bank a place to store gold/items​
- Add a black market a place to sell “stolen” treasures.​
- Add a place where we can sell items gained from mobs.​
- Create more room to explore in each land map, the puzzle maps are fun, but once it is solved it becomes stagnant, and no reason to come back to the map​
which is very sad, example, you could make levels for each puzzle maps, hence players will have to visit the area more than once, by creating layers of challenges players will need more time to explore the whole map.​
- Create a zoomed mini map, during water exploration, yes i understand that this will decrease the challenge, but you can still remove all legends open only partial areas that have already been explored, which means. it's still useless unless you have set foot on the area, but this gives a rough image on how large the area that the player has explore, also means that you can place hidden dungeons/exploration entry point where players can try to find.​


There are 3 types of ships available at the play test, and they are balanced?​


- The ability to sell old ships​
- Add fishing boat for high level fisherman to use to catch a high rarity fishes like Tuna/marlin/sharks etc.​
- Add trading ship for high level trader to use (with large cargo)​
- Add penalty when ship breaks (lost cargo)​



- Increase the price to open a new guild.​
- Plots should come in upgrades to prevent exploiting the farm plots​
- Add a jobs board for players to give a quest to other players for a reward​
- Add a chest furniture to store items​
- Add a guild quest​
- Add a guild dungeon​