Encourage playing with others


Jul 31, 2022
Right now you can do everything solo, which is fine. My only problem with the current system is that it encourages people to make their own guilds to have more room for crops instead of joining other peoples' guilds. I get that it's not intended to be like this later. However, I'd like to see a group and guild system where people are encouraged to play together both within and outside of your guild.

For example:
Solo Voyages is the standard and stays the way it is now.
Group Voyages drop extra loot.
Guild Group Voyage gets the extra loot drop AND has a higher chance of dropping higher quality loot.

It is obvious that guilds are supposed to be able to battle each other out at sea which is really cool and I hope the devs build some rich features such as sea-based events (world bosses, battling for treasure chests, etc.) based on that.

More features like this that nudge people towards playing with others both within guilds and with randoms would be cool to see in the future.