Event Beta Testing - Saturday 2:00 PM EDT, to Sunday 10:00 PM EDT


Arcane Waters Beta Testing

Hey everyone! It's time for another test! This time, we'll have the testing available most of the weekend!

Test Time: This Saturday 2:00 PM EDT, to Sunday 10:00 PM EDT. (about 20 hours from the time of this message)

To join, just visit our Steam Store Page and press the "Request Access" button. (Maybe that wishlist button too ;-)
You will be approved automatically and able to download the game ahead of time. Players will be unable to connect to the server until the time stated above.

To report issues, please use the in-game /bug chat-command. It will automatically take a screenshot and send us your error report.
Example: "/bug Description of your problem goes here" (with no quotes)

For ideas or feedback, please check out the "Feedback" section here at the forums!