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  1. Bishop

    Inventory Management

    Just a minor thing, will we be able to move items in our inventory or perhaps auto-sort? Weapons and armour can be selected, just be nice to also drag and move some of the materials as my inventory is started to look messy and scattered. Also a personal chest at home or bank system just to...
  2. Bishop

    Game: Be As Unhelpful As Possible

    It's too late, they already won.. The skeletons are inside us 💀 Someone know how to make it to the moon?
  3. Bishop

    Game: Be As Unhelpful As Possible

    How to Play: 1: The rules are simple, someone poses a question and you need to be as unhelpful as possible. 2: Follow up with a question of your own! Example: P1: Question - How do I cook an egg? P2: Answer - Plant in the ground and water for 20 mins. Question - Why do sheep have wool? So to...
  4. Bishop

    Player vs. Player Combat

    I've only been able to play a limited number of PvP matches, but there's a couple of things I've sort of mulled over: I feel the power ups need further limitation, either a time limit (30sec-60sec) to stop someone becoming a hoarder powerhouse or a quantity limit; 3-4 max until you're sunk...