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  1. Kimetsu

    Farming & Housing

    I do agree with you.
  2. Kimetsu

    Farming & Housing

    I can be touchy when reloading back in sometimes. Please be specific and we can see if other people are having the same sorts of issues. Thanks for the report.
  3. Kimetsu

    Suggestions based off Demo Gameplay (June 2022)

    Moved thread to Demo Feedback.
  4. Kimetsu

    Shunrai's Feedback and Suggestions on Random Stuff

    Thanks for coming to the forums :)
  5. Kimetsu

    Mushroom Kingdom are recruitng!

    Haha, love it. I just was wondering where the mushroom was from :unsure:
  6. Kimetsu

    Mushroom Kingdom are recruitng!

    Did you make that picture?
  7. Kimetsu

    Guild Leaderboard/Rankings

    I would really like to see something like this to be honest. A leaderboard that incorporates the community and prestige among other players :eek:
  8. Kimetsu

    Pets. Now.

    I like pets :)
  9. Kimetsu

    Thanks for using the forums a little more :)

    Thanks for using the forums a little more :)
  10. Kimetsu

    Quest Log

    I like quest logs :)
  11. Kimetsu

    Add a tab to show the price and demand of crops, without having to go to the store

    Graph might be too convenient although very rapid changes in price / demand can be too tedious.
  12. Kimetsu

    More Informative "Not Enough Gold" Nag

    Would just a "not enough gold" notification be sufficient?
  13. Kimetsu

    Crops should grow before being watered, not after

    Makes sense to me for them to grow over time
  14. Kimetsu

    Excited for the next playtest

    We all missed it together! :cry:
  15. Kimetsu

    Hi there, forum!

    Welcome! It is never too late to explore the sea 😅 Hopefully we run into each other on our adventures.