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    Tree types

    There are multiple types of trees called tree 1-6 sapling. It is hard to remember what type of tree each seed is. Eventually having a name for each tee type or even a tooltip that shows the type of tree it can make would be nice. It would make it easier to decorate a guild/home by knowing...
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    Item Hunting at Shops Refresh (June Demo)

    Currently in the Demo, I have figured out that the inventory at the shops are the same for everyone. So if you have a friend who found out that the weapon shop in Port Haven is selling a legendary pistol, it should be there for you too. It should be there until the shop resets. Inventory reset...
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    Add a tab to show the price and demand of crops, without having to go to the store

    Would this apply to every shop or only crop selling shops? Say checking the demand of x crop at a shop. Would it also be able to look into that shops inventory as well? Currently, I would have to sail for 10-15min to get to Geet's Odd's to look at the weapon inventory. Inventory changes every...
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    Quality of life and misc

    I like the multiple crafting idea. It would be a great Quality of Life since you usually want to craft several of a resource at a time.
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    Farming & Housing

    For sure about the sapling placements. It can be tricky and you'll block yourself out of your farm or block yourself from watering other trees. Its tricky to place them right and being able to visualize a walkway around the sapling placement.
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    Land Combat

    From what I experienced so far, the base attack is better than the skills. Fire dmg doesn't do much or have much impact early game. Freezing is cool but rarely happens and halves your damage. The air skill on the pistol seems lackluster. Its just less than half damage of a normal attack with no...
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    Suggestions based off Demo Gameplay (June 2022)

    Anyone can post their suggestions here. Just a way to funnel ideas! (I'm Continuously updating my suggestions) 1.) There are many islands with their purpose being solving that island's puzzle. The loot currently is gear which you can gain from voyage. It would be cool if the loot from these...