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    New Events announced on the Discord!

    It is now a federal crime to farm anything but potatoes
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    Bug Unable to complete Ives Estate Quest

    send the devs a message by going to options -> Help (at the bottom) -> Support. They will fix it for you
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    Youtube Guides

    I'll watch it later. It might be the first proper guide xD
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    Not connecting to Steam

    The server is currently under maintanence. Please be patient, the devs surely are working as hard as they can to fix the issue.
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    Help Request Chinese translation

    Message colt#0001. He will get it figured out
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    Mudkips messages got me laughing xD

    Mudkips messages got me laughing xD
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    End of the playtest, what does everyone think?

    I'm seeing this a little late but great! I did wonder myself how the games growth will be , too! Atleast I got a single answer on the forum 😅
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    End of the playtest, what does everyone think?

    Just wondered what everyone elses opinion on the game is and trying to get the forum to be used more frequently :D
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    Oct 12 Bug Post Thread

    I think you can only get one from the land battles currently
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    What do you think will the new playtest be about?

    Colt said he will reveal it soon, so speculate fast ;D. For those that didn't get the news yet: A new playtest has been announced, starting from the 12th october this month till the 16th october.
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    Join Frostbite

    For more info join the discord below The discord invitation is