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  1. Colt

    Event Digging Deeper Into Perks

    Ahoy everyone! Today, we’ll be publishing an update that focuses on creating a better experience for those starting the game. It would be helpful for playtesters to create a new character and run through it as if you were new to the game. You don’t need to delete your pirate, you have room on...
  2. Colt

    Q&A For the Arcane Waters Gif Event

    You can enter more than once, but only one entry per person will be awarded a prize.
  3. Colt

    Q&A For the Arcane Waters Gif Event

    You don't have to use our in-game gif command if you don't wish.
  4. Colt

    Help Request I can't climb the vine

    This is fixed and new vines will be in-game next update/restart.
  5. Colt

    Help Request I can't climb the vine

    Hi there. You can use the ESC menu's Go Home button to get yourself unstuck, or the /stuck command. Be sure to use the in game /bug Description goes here command to file bug reports. It will send us a screenshot of the problem directly to our bug tracker. Thanks!
  6. Colt

    Event AMA with Captain Mike!

    What’s this game all about? What inspired this pirate world? What’s next for development? To answer all the questions you may have while playing the demo, we’ll be hosting an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. Mike, the lead developer, will be there to satisfy your curiosity, hear your feedback...
  7. Colt

    Event Arcane Waters Preview Event

    Test sessions are starting this Thursday as we get ready to sail into Next Fest! Starting June 9th at 2022 2PM PDT To join us, simply download the demo from our Steam page! Arcane Waters on Steam This Preview Event will be our final opportunity to get your last minute feedback before we...
  8. Colt

    Pets. Now.

    Hey, I moved your suggestion into the feedback section, but it seems to have lost the poll that was attached. I enabled polls in this section, and you can add it again if you wish. Sorry about that!
  9. Colt

    Player vs. Player Combat

    This thread is for general feedback on the player-vs-player combat.
  10. Colt

    Sea Combat

    This thread is for general feedback on the sea combat mechanics.
  11. Colt

    Land Combat

    This thread is for general feedback on the land combat.
  12. Colt

    Open World

    This thread is for general feedback on the open world maps & activities.
  13. Colt

    Farming & Housing

    This thread is for general feedback on the farming and housing systems.
  14. Colt

    Event Beta Testing - Friday 2:00 PM - 10:00 PM EDT

    We're going to have a short test this Friday! Friday, August 6th 2PM - 10PM EDT We'd like to get some of the PVP (player-vs-player) features tested! If you're logged in during this test, please head to the signboard near the dock in any town and join one of the listed PVP Arenas! To join...
  15. Colt

    Event Beta Testing - Saturday 2:00 PM EDT, to Sunday 10:00 PM EDT

    Arcane Waters Beta Testing Hey everyone! It's time for another test! This time, we'll have the testing available most of the weekend! Test Time: This Saturday 2:00 PM EDT, to Sunday 10:00 PM EDT. (about 20 hours from the time of this message) To join, just visit our Steam Store Page and...
  16. Colt

    Excited for the next playtest

    Its over a full day this time! Should be a blast!
  17. Colt

    Hi there, forum!

    Those links will be updated later on once we're ready to start directing people here/there. I see a few of you found the link in #help channel I was preparing while it was public =)
  18. Colt

    Sticky Want to make a guide?

    Anyone who would like to create a community guide is more than welcome to! Create a new topic in this forum. You can 'save as draft' by hitting the Save icon in the top right of the text editor if you would like to work on it a while before submitting for approval. Text and images should make...
  19. Colt

    Sticky Guild Recruitment Guidelines

    This forum is a place for guild leaders to post their recruitment messages. You're welcome to use images and videos in your recruitment messages, assuming they're relevant and follow our general forum guidelines (keep it family-friendly). Guild recruitment messages only. No personal posts...
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